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Vine Lets You Swipe Left To Find Similar Vines, Launches On Apple Watch

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Vine adds native audio remixing to help memes spread


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The 32 best Vine remixes to Drake's new 'Hotline Bling' video

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You Can Now Tie Your Twitter And Vine Profiles Together, Vine Displaying Your Total Loops

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Instagram’s New Standalone App Boomerang Captures 1-Second Video Loops


You can now put your Twitter profile on Vine and vice versa

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Vine Loses Its Last Co-Founder To Twitter Layoffs

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How Art World Star Jeffrey Deitch Became a Vine Star, Courtesy of Jerome Jarre

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Key and Peele are working on a comedy show with Vine's biggest star

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13 Vines that prove Logan Paul is the most athletic Vine star in the world


Three Important Questions About Vine’s New Music Offering

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Vine makes it easier to create perfect music loops

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This 15-year-old Vine star is crossing over to mainstream TV with a deal to appear on 'Dancing with the Stars'


How the Barclays Premier League has embraced Vine, and who is winning

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Vine could soon let you add music to videos in app