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Lyft partners with Waze as new default app for driver directions

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Lyft, Cabify, 99Taxis & Others To Integrate Waze’s Routing Software In Their Own Apps


Google’s Waze launches API for third-party transportation apps like Lyft

Ars Technica

Judge, siding with Google, refuses to shut down Waze in wake of alleged theft


Waze releases the best and worst times to drive over the holidays


Waze Could Be Google’s Ace in the Hole in a Self-Driving Car War With Uber

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‘Waze for currency exchange’ will stop travelers getting ripped off


Let C-3PO guide your ride with Waze's latest 'Star Wars' updates

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Waze driving app now supports Apple's 3D Touch


‘Waze for Drones’ App Hivemapper Launches Public Beta, Raises $3 Million Seed Round

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Waze navigation app gets a refreshed look with 4.0 update


Navigation App Waze Gets A Huge Redesign – Now Less Cluttered, But Still Needs Improvement

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Waze just got its biggest update since being acquired by Google


Google overhauls Waze with first major update since the app was acquired


Google-owned Waze is testing a carpooling app in Tel Aviv

The Verge

You probably don't want to drive in El Salvador

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Google’s Waze is in trouble: Legal action incoming over ‘fake’ POI allegations

Ars Technica

Rival traffic app PhantomAlert wants to shut Waze down after alleged theft


You can now take a whimsical drive with Stephen Colbert on Waze


Stephen Colbert will guide you through traffic with Waze