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The Next Web , The Verge

Google’s Waze is in trouble: Legal action incoming over ‘fake’ POI allegations

Ars Technica

Rival traffic app PhantomAlert wants to shut Waze down after alleged theft


You can now take a whimsical drive with Stephen Colbert on Waze


Stephen Colbert will guide you through traffic with Waze

The Verge , Business Insider

Stephen Colbert can now give you directions in Waze

Business Insider

Waze cofounder sold his startup to Google for over $1 billion, but he still doesn't own a house

Business Insider

Waze founder tells us how its $1 billion sale to Google really went down


Ma3Route Not Moved by Waze 'Launch' in Kenya

The Next Web , The Verge

Google's navigation app Waze opens up its first carpooling trials

New York Times Bits , Wired

Google to Test Carpooling Service in Israel

Tech in Asia

Ahead of Ramadan traffic chaos, Jakarta’s smart city app adds new transportation features

Mashable , The Verge

Arnold Schwarzenegger now gives turn-by-turn directions in Waze

The Next Web

Arnold Schwarzenegger voices Waze directions so you'll always be back


Let the Terminator tell you how to drive with Waze

The Next Web

Waze Will Now Tweet Unusual Traffic Alerts

The Next Web , The Verge

Waze Now Displays AMBER Alerts In-App

The Next Web

Waze Could Come Preinstalled on Your Next Android Phone

TechCrunch , The Verge

Waze Becomes One Of Google's Pre-Installation Options For Android Devices

The Verge

Miami cops are falsely reporting their locations on Waze to trick drivers


Cops want Google to disable Waze police-tracking feature