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Wikimedia Foundation wins lawsuit brought by director who sought to hide her age on Wikipedia


Wikipedia now has more than 5 million articles in English

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Wikipedia editor complains that the site doesn't get enough media attention


Wikipedia says it receives so little media coverage it may as well be ‘a foreign country’

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Judge tosses Wikimedia’s anti-NSA lawsuit because Wikipedia isn’t big enough


Museums Open Up to Power of Wiki

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This is an interactive timeline of every historical event on Wikipedia… and it’s beautiful

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“WikiGate” raises questions about Wikipedia’s commitment to open access

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Wikipedia for Android now lets you see article previews without leaving the current page

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Wikipedia founder defends decision to encrypt the site in China

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Almost 400 Wikipedia accounts banned for running paid article 'shakedowns'

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Wikipedia Blocks Nearly 400 ‘Black Hat’ Accounts for Shady Editing

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Yes, Wikipedia has suffered a huge decline in traffic (but Google is not to blame)

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The 27 most controversial people on Wikipedia — featuring Britney Spears, Bill Clinton, and Adolf Hitler

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Russia banned Wikipedia because it couldn’t censor pages

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Russia to ban all of Wikipedia over a single article

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Expert: Russia's brief Wikipedia ban points to a larger strategy


Russian Wikipedia Editors Weighing Options After Site Is Blacklisted In Russia

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Jimmy Wales slams 'silly claim' that it has 'suddenly' lost a ton of Google traffic