Wiserstate (Motivio Ltd.)

Wiserstate (Motivio Ltd.)

Wiserstate (Motivio Ltd.)

Wiserstate is a guided personal development platform for teams at companies with 100+ employees. Unlike other e-learning portals, it provides near conversational experience with experienced business coaches from the USA, Canada, and the UK.
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Angel - 2018
Carl Frauenstein
Angel - 2018
Startup Wise Guys
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Product overview

the problem

1. HR&LD managers - limited budget to develop HiPos and junior managers; 2. HiPos and Junior managers - limited/no access to executive business coaches; 3. Business coaches - scale passive revenue, leave a legacy; 4. Training companies -rising competition

the solution

1. SaaS platform, 1/20 of life coaching prices; 2. Near conversational video training experience with executive business coaches; 3. Interactive content publishing platform; 4. Partially white label SaaS for proprietary content.

target group

1. Buyer - HR&LD managers at white collar companies with 250+ employees. 2. User - High potential employees and Junior managers. 3. Supplier - senior business coaches and executives. 4. Whitelabel - Training companies.

€80,000 Angel
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Motivio secures 80,000 eur pre-seed investment round