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‘Meteorite’ Is a Love Letter to Space Rocks


What Would Happen If All the Antarctic Ice Melted?

Sky News Tech

Ozone hole over Antarctica one of 'largest and deepest' in recent years, scientists warn

Ars Technica

New data on a volcanic eruption that scattered ash across Mayan lands

CBC Tech and Science

Rise in sea level from ice melt in Greenland and Antarctica match worst-case scenario: study | CBC News

Ice Sheet Melting on Track With Worst-Case Scenario

CBC Tech and Science

Mammal relative learned to hibernate before Age of Dinosaurs | CBC News


Hibernation-like state found in tusked, ancient Antarctic animal

Ars Technica

New map shows vulnerability of Antarctic ice to self-fracking

New Scientist

Meltwater may fracture Antarctic ice shelves and speed sea level rise


Antarctic ice shelves covering four times the area of the UK could COLLAPSE if rising temperatures …


Antarctica Has Been Heating Up For 30 Years

Tech Times

Google Map User Claimed to Find an "Ice Ship" Near Antarctica

Sky News Tech

Discovery of hidden penguin colonies in Antarctica boosts known population to more than half a million

Ars Technica

Using pristine Southern Ocean air to estimate pre-industrial pollution


Scientists pinpoint the best place on Earth to see the cosmos at night

New Scientist

The best view of the stars from Earth is on a hill in Antarctica

Road to VR

'The Mage's Tale' Studio Announces Team-based Shooter 'Frostpoint VR'


NASA to launch football stadium-sized balloon to study the stars

New Scientist

Less than a third of Antarctica remains untouched by humans