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New app Runtastic Results builds you a personalized 12-week workout plan

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$4,000,000 Venture capital (Series Undisclosed)
Wargaming, Speedinvest

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Unknown amount

Pioneers gives 500 startups free access to its annual Festival

Ars Technica

Runtastic Moment Classic reviewed: refined style, strange subscription hurdles


How to watch Twitch and Hitbox streams on your new Apple TV

$4,000,000 Venture capital (Series Undisclosed)

World of Tanks developer Wargaming helps Twitch rival Hitbox with $4M funding round

$1,800,000 Venture capital (Series C)
finsmes Raises $1.8M in Venture Capital Funding

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Marty McFly’s future is our present


Lockheed’s Firefighting Robo-Copter Gets Closer to Service

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Robo-bulldozers guided by drones are helping ease Japan's labor shortage

British tech pioneer backs property search startup zoomsquare

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11 fitness technologies that won't let you skip leg day


Robo Wunderkind’s Programmable Bricks Are Like Legos That Teach You How To Code

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Adidas-owned Runtastic has just launched what it believes is a more wearable wearable


Inside Runtastic’s $239M Adidas acquisition

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This startup CEO says there's one key mindset separating the winners and the losers in the online news business

Slovakia's paywall tech firm Piano Media buys Press+

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Adidas has acquired fitness app Runtastic


Codeship launches Organizations, allowing admins to set roles for developers


Hitbox challenges Amazon’s Twitch and Google’s YouTube in game livestreaming

Business Insider

My experience with Steve Jobs showed me what a terrible CEO looks like