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Zimbabwe is selling the right to shoot as many as 500 elephants

Bitcoin News

South African Women Lose Money to Crypto Scammer Who Convinced Them That Botswana Pula Coins Are Bitcoins – Featured Bit...

Forbes Tech

Asteroid That Impacted Earth Likely Came From Tiny World Of Vesta Philly

Demand for Per Scholas training is up 200%. This grant will help it grow more


African elephants are migrating to safety—and telling each other how to get there


Scientists blame climate change for a bacteria that mysteriously killed 300 African elephants

CBC Tech and Science

Mystery of hundreds of elephant deaths in Botswana solved | CBC News

Reuters Tech News

What are the micro-organisms causing elephant deaths in Botswana?

Reuters Tech News

Botswana says toxins in water killed hundreds of elephants

Old Male Elephants are Key to Their Societies

CBC Tech and Science

Zimbabwe investigating deaths of 22 elephants, more expected | CBC News

CBC Tech and Science

Zimbabwe investigating mysterious deaths of 11 elephants | CBC News

Ars Technica

Study confirms that painting eyes on cow butts helps ward off predators


Scientists have some theories on why hundreds of elephants are mysteriously dying in Botswana


Hundreds of elephants found dead under mysterious circumstances in Botswana

CBC Tech and Science

Botswana investigating mystery deaths of 275 elephants | CBC News


Jindal Steel & Power eyes more asset sales, may put mines on the block


South Africa’s long-standing alcohol abuse problem reemerged a day after lifting a lockdown ban


Ninety One sells portion of private equity investment in Kamoso Africa to BDC

Sam Wakoba

Yellow Card expands to SA & Botswana to allow users to buy & sell Bitcoin