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India x Cleantech -- February 2020

New Scientist

Ironbark: Did two spies really prevent the Cuban missile crisis?

MedCity News

Cleveland Clinic expands partnership with telemedicine startup GYANT

Fast Company

Meet the 2020 TED Fellows, from snake scientists to geothermal energy entrepreneurs

the home of AI info

Mark Cuban Says Artificial Intelligence is Next In the Internet Evolution.

CCN Markets

Soleimani Was Trump’s ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ and Iran Blinked


The 3rd annual Quartz Casties: Our favorite podcasts of 2019


How Cold War rivalry helped launch the Chinese computer

CCN Markets

Mark Cuban Sounds Ignorant Blasting Bitcoin’s Security and Value


Bitcoin ‘Can Be’ A Reliable Financial Instrument After All: Mark Cuban


UW President Ana Mari Cauce on being a threefold ‘first’ and the most important lessons of college

Forbes Tech

Amazon Video Announces New Films And TV Shows For December (2019)

the home of AI info

Mark Cuban Talks Artificial Intelligence, Disney Vs. Netflix

the home of AI info

Cuban neuroscience at a peak despite US blockade

Forbes Tech

How A Former Air Force Mechanic, 29, Built A $4 Million Business With A Simple Device To Hold Tools

Sky News Tech

GCHQ turns 100: Can you solve these brain-teasing puzzles?

the home of AI info

Spooky, Unexplained Neuroscience for Halloween


‘Should I Bring My Ramp?’ Tony Hawk to Speak at SF Bitcoin Conference

the home of AI info

Cuba and China agree to develop artificial intelligence on the island

the home of AI info

China, Cuba to build artificial intelligence center