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Sam Wakoba

Gozem Launches a Taxi booking service in Libreville Gabon.


Gozem expands to Central Africa with ride-hailing service in Gabon


Helios to buy thousands of Airtel Africa towers

New Scientist

Weird orange crocodiles found gorging on bats in Gabon’s caves


From the polar bear capital of the world to tropical Gabon, AI is helping to fight biodiversity loss

Forbes Tech

Deepfakes Are Going To Wreak Havoc On Society. We Are Not Prepared.

New Scientist

Seven new coronaviruses have been found lurking in bats in Africa

the home of AI info

Gabonese youth enthusiastic about the future prospects offered by Artificial Intelligence

Fast Company

Norway is paying $150 million to Gabon to protect its forests


Gabon will become the first African nation to be paid to preserve its forests


China’s unending demand for rosewood furniture is damaging African forests


Air traffic between China and Africa has jumped 630% in the last decade

Reuters Top News

Gabon vows no mercy over theft of hardwood worth nearly $250 million

Reuters Top News

Earth's earliest mobile organisms lived 2.1 billion years ago

Reuters Top News

Gabon's president returns home after extended medical leave

Reuters Top News

Gabon's Bongo names new prime minister after thwarted coup attempt


Gabon’s army just attempted a coup by taking over the national radio station

microDON en partenariat avec l’EEMI lance un HACKADON: Le 1er hackathon solidaire


Anonymous hacked 70 Gabon government websites to protest dictatorship

Data leaks Foreign affairs

Oil Workers at Total's Gabon Unit Threaten 15-Day Strike

Manufacturing Employment