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New Scientist

mRNA vaccine against tick bites could help prevent Lyme disease


How economic sanctions drove money transfers in west Africa underground

CBC Tech and Science

Humans raised deadly cassowary birds 18,000 years ago, researcher suggests | CBC Radio


Ancient people may have raised a 'huge, ornery, flightless bird that can eviscerate you'

New Scientist

Howler monkeys navigate using adaptable mental maps, just like humans

New Scientist

Guinea confirms West Africa’s first case of deadly Marburg virus


How the language of the Edo people of Nigeria made its way into Portuguese creole

Pulse 2.0

GOVX Stock Increases Over 10% Intraday: Why It Happened


Op-Ed | Who wants to step up to a $10 billion risk?

Guardian Tech

Facebook accused of ‘discriminatory and racist’ behaviour after removing historical PNG images

FinTech Futures

Vista Bank Group selects Radar Payments to power pan-African processing


Speech recognition system trains on radio archive to learn Niger Congo languages

Ars Technica

Denisovans made multiple contributions to Pacific island populations

New Scientist

Ebola may persist in the body for years before sparking new outbreaks


A new Ebola outbreak shows why we can’t get complacent about Covid-19 immunity

Reuters Tech News

WHO: Guinea Ebola outbreak likely from human source

Ars Technica

Ebola may have lurked in someone for 5-6 years before sparking new outbreak

New Scientist

Guinea is swiftly vaccinating people to contain latest Ebola outbreak


Spotify to launch in 80 new markets across Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Latin America


A recent Ebola outbreak puts Guinea’s “muscle memory” to the test