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Senator Tammy Duckworth proves it’s not unpatriotic to question your superiors


Saudi's Hajj cancellation for Covid-19 is not the first time a plague has disrupted pilgrimage

New Scientist

Anatomy of terror: What makes normal people become extremists?


Knowde could make billions building the digital marketplace for the $5 trillion chemicals industry


Stack Up’s Stephen Machuga fights veteran suicide in a time of invisible threats


Apple expanding App Store to 20 more countries, including Afghanistan and Iraq

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Trump's Brutal Sanctions Pushes Iran's Coronavirus Crisis to the Brink

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Al Wifaq International Islamic Bank selects ICSFS Islamic system

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UK foreign minister Raab praises response to Iraq attack

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Why This Oil Tanker Billionaire Had A Good Day Amid The Market Collapse

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Push-button warfare: How artists use games to capture drone strike horror

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Neanderthals had funerals with flowers, study suggests | CBC News

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50,000-year-old remains suggest Neanderthals buried their dead

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Black box analysis results from Iranian air crash likely to be 'anticlimactic,' says expert | CBC News

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Artificial intelligence to rebuild Iraq via second phase of the UNOSAT challenge

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Thank God Donald Trump Fired John Bolton

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SpaceX pressing ahead with Starlink launches for satellite broadband delivery


The grisly, fascinating history of crime photography

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Dow Futures Crash as Coronavirus Spreads and Rocket Hits U.S. Embassy

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Sesame Street’s newest show is designed to help kids displaced from Syria