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@zerohedge @stacyherbert via Zero Hedge

Italian Bonds, Banks Bloodbath As 'Mini-BoT' Massacre Continues

Bloomberg Business

Europe's Italian Problem Is Bigger Than Brexit


To Help Fans Raise Money, These Soccer Stars Held an Insane Real-Time Auction

Bloomberg Business

Italy Waits to Find Out Who Its New Prime Minister Will Be

Foreign affairs
Bloomberg Business

Italy’s Populist Path Ahead

Stock markets Privacy Global
Bloomberg Business

League Gives All Italians a Chance to Vote on Coalition Program

US elections Foreign affairs
Bloomberg Business

Monte Paschi Leads Italy Banks Lower on Populists' Revamp Plans

Stock markets
Bloomberg Business

Fiat CEO Is Said to Plan Sweeping Production Shift in Italy

Self driving cars
Bloomberg Business

Adults in the Room Mean There's Value in Italy

Stock markets
Bloomberg Business

Even Serbia Is Worried About Italy's Emerging New Government

Foreign affairs Global
Bloomberg Business

Italian Mud Sticking to Euro Seen Dragging It Down to $1.10

Stock markets
Bloomberg Business

Italy Gets a Taste of Boris Johnson's Cake

Privacy Global
Bloomberg Business

Italy Left Waiting for a Premier as Populists' Talks Drag On

US elections Stock markets
Bloomberg Business

Italy Bonds Roiled as Populists Debate $300 Billion Write-Down

Stock markets Privacy
@TheStalwart via Bloomberg Business

Italy Populists Say Government Talks Entering Final Stretch

US elections
Ars Technica

Greenland ice cores track Roman lead pollution in year-by-year detail

Culture, Art, Books

How one European company is quietly building its (hotel tech) empire

Strategy Travel
Bloomberg Business

Italy's Populists Have Earned Their Shot

Robotics US elections Privacy

Ambienta Closes €635M Private Equity Fund Focused on Environment

Funding Global
Bloomberg Business

Merkel Says U.S. Exit From Iran Accord Has Increased Tensions

Foreign affairs Global