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Forbes Tech

Kingston’s New Touch Screen Drive Offers Security That Even James Bond Would Choose

Business Plus

Grafton Architects wins top EU prize for Kingston University


Jamaica’s central bank digital currency and the problems it hopes to solve


How removing hotspots from hybrid solar panels improves electrical and thermal energy output


Bitcoin well positioned to help governments create cheaper CBDCs: Deloitte

CBC Tech and Science

Debris from cargo ship spill last fall spreading along B.C. coast, say beach cleaners | CBC News


TikTok generation have unrealistic expectations about becoming a celebrity


Crypto Twitter is not happy with the name and logo of Jamaican CBDC

The Block

Jamaica is on track to roll out a digital currency in 2022


70% of Jamaica population to adopt CBDC in 5 years, prime minister says

New Scientist

Why everyone should learn some sign language

CBC Tech and Science

Rare white sperm whale — like Moby Dick — captured on video | CBC News


This year’s Art X Lagos showed why African art fairs need to be physical events

CBC Tech and Science

Why calls for 'right-to-repair' rules are revving up again for vehicles in Canada | CBC News

Forbes Tech

Kingston’s Cute And Speedy XS2000 Is The Fastest SSD On The Block


Jamaica Is a Tech Desert. Gamers Make It Work Anyway

Guardian Tech

‘Good ideas, good work and good luck’: Australian grassroots campaigners on how they got it done

Forbes Tech

Kingston Launches The Cutest And Smallest SSD With Sizes Up To 2TB

Forbes Tech

Kingston Technology Releases Its Fastest-Ever USB Thumb Drives


Some Bats, Like People, Make Irrational Food Choices