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21 Dec 2018
Venture capital (Series B)
DG Incubation, Kotaro Chiba, Fumiaki Koizumi, +7
06 Dec 2018
Venture capital (Series E)

Japan’s Sansan raises $26.5M to help Southeast Asia get more from business cards

06 Dec 2018
Venture capital

Asian streaming startup M17, still recovering from a failed IPO, raises another $25M

05 Dec 2018
Venture capital (Series C)

Google invests in Japanese AI and machine learning startup ABEJA

15 Nov 2018
Venture capital
Goldman Sachs Group Inc

Goldman Sachs to invest in TBM: Bloomberg

PE Hub
24 Aug 2018
Venture capital (Series C)

Japanese fintech startup Paidy lands strategic investment from Visa

09 Aug 2018
JPY ¥800,000,000
Venture capital (Series A)
DBJ Capital, Peptidream, Fast Track Initiative

Modulus Discovery Raises US$7.2M in Series A Funding Round