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Researchers curate resilience solutions for international power system planners

Reuters Tech News

Tech giant Tencent makes peace with China's 'old godmother'


China tech giant Tencent duped by saucy scammers

Bloomberg Technology

Ethereum Users Giving the DAO Another Try After Digital Stickup

FinTech Futures

Oracle gains three new Flexcube customers in Nigeria, Thailand, and Laos


The best thing you can do on Earth Day is sit perfectly still

Fast Company

What it’s like to spend 10 years writing a book that’s released during a pandemic

FinTech Futures

2020 Review: Top 10 core banking go-lives this quarter

Quanta Magazine

Artificial Intelligence Finds Ancient ‘Ghosts’ in Modern DNA


Read this ancient text to deal with coronavirus pandemic stress


Cambodian VC Obor Capital to invest $13m in CLMV nations this year

the home of AI info

Demystifying artificial intelligence

FinTech Futures

EXCLUSIVE: New bank in Laos selects Flexcube core banking system


800,000 years ago a huge meteorite struck Earth. We might have just found its crater


China facial-recognition case puts Big Brother on trial

e27: Asia tech news

From the quieter region of Laos, ride-hailing service LOCA emerges to address the potential market that Uber, Grab overl...


Thai PE firm Lakeshore Capital in the market for $125m second fund

$3,000,000 Venture capital (Series A)
e27: Asia tech news

Today’s top tech news: Smart credit fintech startup Flowcast nabs US$3M Series A funding from ING Ventures, BitRock Capi...


IFC invests $75m in bonds of Vietnamese property developer Phu My Hung


KiwiPay, the ‘PayPal of New Zealand’ set to launch in seven African countries