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Forbes Tech

A New Educational Campaign Aims To Ease AAPI Cannabis Concerns


What to watch: ‘WeCrashed’ is another delicious tech world disaster story

The Verge

Sifu’s toughest battle is with its own origins

CBC Tech and Science

New monkey species discovered in Myanmar | CBC News

Sky News Tech

More than 220 new animal and plant species discovered in Greater Mekong, WWF says

Bitcoin News

Laos Licenses 2 Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms – Regulation Bitcoin News


Report: Chinese hackers targeted Southeast Asian nations

MIT Technology Review

Politics and the pandemic have changed how we imagine cities


Laos hopes for economic boost from Chinese-built railway


Laotian govt budget expected to gain $194M from crypto miners by 2022

Bitcoin News

Laos to Study Digital Currency With Help From Japanese Fintech, Report Reveals

Experts Weigh in on Global World Tiger Day


Humans Do War Really Well, & That May Be Our Fatal Flaw

BI Tech

How crypto startups are quickly raising millions of dollars from mysterious online communities called DAOs

Android Police

What's happening to Oxygen OS? OnePlus speaks up

Venture capital (Series D)
e27: Asia tech news

Flash Express adds US$150M more to its kitty, becomes Thailand’s first unicorn | e27


Mortal Kombat: Fatalities and Easter eggs from the 2021 HBO Max movie


Mortal Kombat's Cole Young talks fatalities, sequel possibilities


Mortal Kombat: Fatalities and Easter eggs from the HBO Max movie


My love affair with chili crisp, savior of rice, oatmeal, caviar and my soul