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FT Technology News

Microsoft Teams takes the metaverse corporate


Meta details its efforts to take down a troll farm operated out of Nicaraguan government offices

Reuters Tech News , ZDNet

Facebook says it removed troll farm run by Nicaraguan government

Tech Insider

Facebook says it just uncovered one of the largest troll farms ever — run by the government of Nicaragua

Forbes Tech

Meet The Man Who Escaped Slavery And Made A Fortune In The Old West—Again And Again

Ars Technica

Second major hurricane hit Nicaragua in as many weeks

Forbes Tech

This Region Was Just Hit By The Strongest Hurricane Of The Year For A Second Time


Social media companies failed to stop election misinformation in Spanish

Fast Company

As a Latino immigrant, I thought I understood the challenges of the Black community. I have a lot to learn

Ars Technica

Kids playing charades develop core features of language


Meet The 12-Year-Old Girl Who Documented Climate Change From Nicaragua

The Washington Post

Perspective | Politics saved Ronald Reagan from impeachment. That might happen again for Donald Trump.

Reuters Top News

OAS peace mission to Nicaragua says denied entry by Ortega government

The Washington Post

Honduras is poor, violent and unstable. The Trump administration wants it to accept more asylum seekers

Freedom Outpost

Major lawsuit against Big Tech’s conservative bias will have its days in a DC court room

Freedom Outpost

Google whistleblower drops HUNDREDS of documents alleging inexcusable acts by tech giant

The Washington Post

When they filed their asylum claim, they were told to wait in Mexico. There, they say, they were kidnapped.

The Washington Post

Trump administration threatens to sanction Russia, China for aiding Venezuela’s government

The Washington Post

El Paso attack fails to deter border-bound migrants: ‘The U.S. still offers me stability’

The Washington Post

Nicaragua’s Ortega is strangling La Prensa, one of Latin America’s most storied newspapers