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Crypto Platform BRD Raises $32M in Funding

Payments Funding

Crypto-savvy gamers are eager to do blockchain transactions

Payments Gaming
Bloomberg Business

Will Briefcase Key to Shell, Eni Trial Get to Milan in Time?

Legal Global
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Abramovich's Immigration Woes Reach Swiss Supreme Court

Legal Global
@coinscrum via CoinTelegraph

National Government Digital Currencies Versus Globally Distributed Cryptocurrencies: in Depth

Payments Stock markets
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China's Got a $46,000 Wealth Gap Problem

Robotics Asia Stock markets

Switzerland First in Ranking of Top 10 Most Blockchain-Friendly Countries in Europe

Global Payments
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What We Learned From the Geneva Watch Auctions

Smart watches
Bloomberg Business

There Will Soon Be an Art Basel for Cars

Culture, Art, Books Startup events

Kaspersky banned by Dutch govt, moves core infrastructure from Russia to Switzerland

Cyber security Cloud Privacy
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U.S. Could ‘Fatally Undermine’ the WTO: China's Ambassador

Asia Privacy

Kaspersky Lab Moving Core Infrastructure To Switzerland


Kaspersky to move some core infrastructure out of Russia to fight for trust

Cyber security Privacy
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Nine Hidden Gems Unearthed at Sotheby’s Sunday Watch Auction

Smart watches
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Avenatti’s Trump Salvo Forces Damage Control From Korea to Switzerland

Bloomberg Business

U.S., China Set for Trade Brawl in Geneva

Foreign affairs

Bitcoin Goes Physical: Swiss Start-Up Launches Pilot Sale Of BTC ‘Banknotes’


French Crypto Regulation à la carte: Context, News, Perspectives

Privacy Global Payments
@IanAllison123 @IanAllison123 via CoinDesk

Inclusive Insurance? Businesses See Blockchain As Change-Enabler

Payments Energy Technology

Crazy-looking concept cars

Robotics Driving Self driving cars