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New Scientist

The alphabet may have been invented 500 years earlier than we thought

Forbes Tech

Are U.S. Special Forces Quietly Using Armed Robots?


MTN eyes R1-billion deal for Syrian business

Reuters Tech News

South African mobile operator MTN eyes $65 million deal for Syrian business


Here are the defense industry dollars behind the votes to arm Syria’s rebels

Redmi K40 series to pack 4,520 mAh batteries, limited edition with Damascus steel pattern teased

3D Printing Industry

VFRAME 3D prints cluster munition replicas to aid Mnemonic's war crime analysis


AI Emerges as Crucial Tool for Groups Seeking Justice for Syria War Crimes


AI Emerges as Crucial Tool for Groups Seeking Justice for Syria War Crimes

Fast Company

These quick-build disaster shelters can later become permanent houses

Guardian Tech

Rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies in world's conflict zones

Sky News Tech

Into the Grey Zone: The 'offensive cyber' used to confuse Islamic State militants and prevent drone attacks

3D Printing Industry

Partial Hand Solutions deploys Fuse 1 3D printer to create pediatric prosthetics

FutureShift , The Verge

Facebook’s Oversight Board makes bizarre ruling in its first group of decisions


Why This Startup Is Banking on VR to Build Empathy News

The Verge

GitHub says it will now operate in Iran after receiving sanction exemption


The reason you discriminate against foreign accents starts with what they do to your brain


From mobile money to blockchain: How this UN agency's tech stops people starving

The Verge

Facebook is deleting evidence of war crimes, researchers say


Hedera Hashgraph anchors conflict-warning system for Syrians