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Bloomberg Business

Iran Says Three OPEC Members to Veto Saudi-Proposed Supply Boost

Foreign affairs Manufacturing

Banks and Cryptocurrencies Global Evaluation: The Middle East

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Jim Chanos Is Out of His Depth Trashing Crypto Assets

Stock markets
Bloomberg Business

China and India Want to Buy More U.S. Oil to Counter OPEC

Manufacturing Asia Foreign affairs
Bloomberg Business

Oil Holds Losses as Traders Assess Prospect of OPEC Output Boost

Manufacturing Foreign affairs Earnings
Bloomberg Business

OPEC Haves Can Overpower the Have-Nots in Vienna

Manufacturing Foreign affairs
Bloomberg Business

Venezuela Starts Releasing Political Prisoners, Including Some Lawmakers

Foreign affairs US elections
Bloomberg Business

Venezuela Grants Conditional Freedom to Ceballos, 38 Others

Foreign affairs
Bloomberg Business

There’s No Traffic or Road Rage and It’s Awful: Life in Caracas

@evan_van_ness @_jillruth via Project Syndicate

Venezuelans Deserve Refugee Status | by Ricardo Hausmann & Julian Hinz

Foreign affairs Global
Nieman Lab

How Venezuelan satire site El Chigüire Bipolar stays funny in a country whose leader is tightening his grip

VCCircle Network

How the world’s largest private equity deal in oil and gas industry collapsed

Manufacturing Stock markets

Desperate for jobs, Venezuelan immigrants turn to ride-hailing services across Latin America

Taxis Foreign affairs Global
@TheStalwart @Bitcoin via Bloomberg Business

Families in Caracas Are Mining for Crypto on Free Electricity

Bloomberg Business

Oil Heads for Weekly Loss as OPEC and Partners Mull Easing Curbs

Manufacturing Stock markets Foreign affairs
Bloomberg Business

U.S. Oil Slips as Stockpile Shock Helps Boost Discount to Brent

Manufacturing Earnings
Bloomberg Business

The U.S. Can Save Venezuela From Anarchy

Foreign affairs
Bloomberg Business

Venezuela Expels Top U.S. Diplomats in Retaliation for Sanctions

Foreign affairs
Bloomberg Business

Oil Rises as Venezuela Sanctions Stoke Crude Supply Risk Concern

Manufacturing Earnings Stock markets
Bloomberg Business

Trump Prohibits Purchase of Debts Owed to Venezuela, PDVSA

Foreign affairs