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What is Index?

Index is a startup intelligence platform that empowers you to discover content, prospect companies and track tech.

Our platform gives you access to data and news coverage on ecosystems, industries, and private tech companies from across the web.

Read our story to find out more.

Who is Index for?

Index by TNW is a platform for connecting startups, corporate brands and investors to enhance innovation through investment and collaboration, online and offline, 365 days a year.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for Index with your Linkedin account or with your email address.

What type of companies are on Index?

Index is a platform for tech companies that build and market their own product or service driven by technology, and want to connect with corporate brands and investors.

For corporate brands and investors, Index is a platform for companies and firms interested in connecting with startups for investment opportunities and collaborations.

What are lists on Index.co?

Signed in users can create custom lists of tech companies, industries and locations. Lists allow you filter out the noise and follow partners, competitors and much, much more.

Free account users can create up to two custom lists, Pro account users up to five custom lists and Expert account users can create an unlimited amount of custom lists.

Find out more about the different accounts’ features.

How do I export lists?

Exporting data is only available to Expert account holders. Sign up for your free trial to give it a spin!

Upgrades & Pricing

How do I upgrade my account?

Go to our Pricing page for details on the Pro and Expert upgrades.

What payment methods do you accept?

To make your account upgrade simple, we accept all major credit cards. If your credit card does not go through please e-mail us at index@index.co, we’ll reply shortly.


Help! Which type of company am I?

When you create your company page, we ask you if you're a startup, corporate brand, or investor. This affects the kind of profile we create for you. Here's a brief rundown of the categories:


If you consider your company to be a startup, it is one! You want to use your profile to either show off your products and news about your company – and track your competition – or you're looking to connect with investors (you're looking for your next funding round) and corporate brands (you're looking for a partnership or you want to apply for innovation challenges).

Corporate Brands

By choosing corporate brand, you indicate that your company is looking to connect with startups for innovation challenges, partnerships, events and more. You're probably a corporate business, brandname product, or a scale-up big enough that you are in a position to be the main party in a partnership.


VC firms, angel investors, corporate investors and accelerators are best served by the investor profile. If you represent none of the above, but your primary goal on Index as a company or institution is to be connected with startups to directly invest in them, an investor profile is the right choice as well.

How do I add my company on Index.co?

Simple! Quickly use the search bar to see if your company is already listed. If it isn't, click on the "Add it to Index" button that appears, and you're good to go!

How can I edit my company’s profile?

On your company page, find the “Add yourself to this profile” button on the top-right of the page. Once we’ve verified your email address you will be able to edit your company’s profile directly.

How can I add a funding round?

Once you’ve claimed your company on Index, go on your company’s page, click “Add Info” and choose 'Investment' from the menu.

Featured funding rounds on the TNW homepage must have an article attached, investors listed and all info filled out.

How can I collaborate with my team members on Index?

The Pro and Expert account features allow you to share lists with your team members so that they can edit them.

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