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“I Was Devastated”: The Man Who Created the World Wide Web Has Some Regrets

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Tech Elites Recreate Burning Man Inside Their Living Rooms

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Talking to Google Duplex: Google’s human-like phone AI feels revolutionary

Robotics Intelligent machines
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Vivo’s new face ID tech has 10 times as many sensor points as the iPhone X

Cameras Mobile devices
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macOS Mojave: A visual tour of Dark Mode and other major features

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God Deploys 100,000 More Mosquitoes To U.S.

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Cops Bust Filthy, Unshaven Mark Zuckerberg For Selling Personal Data On Street Corner

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Washington Post employees call out owner Jeff Bezos over paper’s pay and benefits in open letter

Publishing Employment
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Facebook Status Update Field Dreading What Area Man About To Type Into It