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Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn

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Facebook will hold an emergency meeting to let employees ask questions about Cambridge Analytica

@backlon via The Verge

Japan reveals a ‘Supreme’ version of its bullet train

Driving Warfare
@backlon @sarahjeong via The Verge

RIP Matt Damon, who Terry Gilliam says has been ‘beaten to death’ by internet mobs

Communities Film
@davewiner @backlon via The Verge

This year’s SXSW was all about blockchain dreamers, cryptocurrency scammers, and everything in between

@backlon via The Verge

How to turn off Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, and Note 8

@backlon @mims via The Guardian

'They'll squash you like a bug': how Silicon Valley keeps a lid on leakers

Robotics Employment
@waltmossberg @backlon via The Verge

In defense of real books

@backlon via The Verge

Drake drops in to play Fortnite on Twitch and breaks the record for most-viewed stream

Music Gaming Sports
@ruhanirabin @backlon via The Verge

Jake Paul has decided that it is ‘time to end school shootings’

Robotics US elections
@backlon via The Verge

The best set-top box for your 4K HDR TV

Video streaming Cameras