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Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn

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@backlon @ruhanirabin via The Verge

The Galaxy Home looks like everything but a speaker

Smart devices
@backlon via The Verge

Hands-on with the Magic Leap, Galaxy Note 9, and Android Pie

@backlon @reckless via The Verge , Business Insider

Samsung announces Galaxy Note 9 with 6.4-inch screen and a huge battery

Mobile devices Portable Productivity
@ruhanirabin @backlon via The Verge

The Palm smartphone reboot is shaping up to be disappointing

Robotics Mobile devices
@backlon @reckless via The Verge

Why is Juul worth $16 billion? It’s more like a cigarette than you think

Health Materials
@backlon via The Verge

Fallout 76 won’t have cross-platform play because of Sony

@backlon @ruhanirabin via The Verge

The mobile airbag may be coming to save your phone

@ruhanirabin @backlon via The Verge

‘Local Twitter’ finally gives a name to being performatively basic online

@inafried @backlon @dsilverman @stevesi @chaddickerson via The New York Times

Tech Elites Recreate Burning Man Inside Their Living Rooms

@backlon @reckless @ruhanirabin via The Verge , Reuters

Verizon is shutting down its original video app Go90

Video streaming Mobile providers