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@joshuatopolsky @dieguito via CNNMoney

Bitcoin could 'bring the internet to a halt,' banking group warns

@joshuatopolsky @anildash via The Outline

Here’s why that girl drank her dog’s piss

Health Food & Beverage
@joshuatopolsky @mwilcox @Spacekatgal via The Outline

The tech bro alignment chart

@anildash @joshuatopolsky via The Outline

YouTube’s search results are automatically suggesting racist ideas

@joshuatopolsky @anildash @abrams via The Outline

How much we love fake news, visualized

@anildash @nrrrdcore via The New Yorker

The Carnage and Chaos of Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”

$5,150,000 Venture capital
@joshuatopolsky @jdrive via WSJ

The Outline Raises $5.15 Million to Fuel Measured Growth

Earnings Funding Publishing
@joshuatopolsky @anildash via The Outline

Which Condé Nast brands does Apple allegedly want to buy?

@joshuatopolsky @abrams via The Outline

Don’t buy the MacBook Pros even on sale, in my opinion

@joshuatopolsky @backlon via The Outline

Neopets was run by Scientologists