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New York Times Issues Correction After Editor Fails to Turn Off 'Millennials to Snake People' Browser Extension

@joshuatopolsky @rhhackett via The Outline

Let Guillermo Del Toro finally make ‘At the Mountains of Madness’

@joshuatopolsky @kashhill via The Outline

Cuba “sonic attacks” may have been spy device audio interference

@abduzeedo @ambermac @joshuatopolsky @mikebutcher via vero


@joshuatopolsky via The Verge

Anchor’s redesigned app focuses on podcasting

@joshuatopolsky via The Verge

Twitter’s response to fake Black Panther assault stories is perfect

Communities Film
@joshuatopolsky @ariannahuff @reshmasaujani via The New York Times

Don’t Let My Classmates’ Deaths Be in Vain

@jayrosen_nyu @joshuatopolsky via Scribd

Bennet PDF

@joshuatopolsky @jayrosen_nyu via HuffPost

NY Times Abruptly Fires Its New Nazi-Befriending Editorial Board Hire

@anildash @AntDeRosa @joshuatopolsky @msuster @baratunde @davewiner via Vulture

Quincy Jones on the Secret Michael Jackson and the Problem With Modern Pop