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@ruskin147 @joshuatopolsky via YouTube

What's new, Atlas?

@joshuatopolsky @backlon via Wired

Watch a 10-Year-Old's Face Unlock His Mom's iPhone X

@joshuatopolsky @DanFrakes @harrymccracken @craigmod @fmanjoo via The Outline

The new MacBook keyboard is ruining my life

Portable Materials
@AntDeRosa @joshuatopolsky @pkafka @karaswisher via The New Yorker

From Aggressive Overtures to Sexual Assault: Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers Tell Their Stories

@joshuatopolsky @anildash via dropbox

Evolving the Dropbox Brand

@joshuatopolsky @ChrisPirillo @dsilverman via The Outline

Apple is really bad at design

@joshuatopolsky @harrymccracken via The Outline

An ode to the dying American mall

City life
@nrrrdcore @joshuatopolsky via The Outline

The Node.js world is imploding

Communities Software development Diversity
@joshuatopolsky @anildash via The Outline

I now have equity in an alt-right Twitter clone

@joshuatopolsky @reckless @jayrosen_nyu @dannysullivan @johnbattelle via The Outline

How Mic.com exploited social justice for clicks

Publishing Diversity