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@AndrewYNg @kevin2kelly via MIT Technology Review

The West should stop worrying about China’s AI revolution

Robotics Technology Intelligent machines Asia
@kevin2kelly @zackbogue via Wired , Business Insider

Inside Evan Spiegel's Quest to Map Snap's Future | Backchannel

@kevin2kelly @craigmod via 4brad

Computational photography will turn the photo world upside-down | Brad Ideas

@kevin2kelly via Quartz

Linguistic data analysis of 3 billion Reddit comments shows the alt-right is getting stronger

@toomuchnick @davewiner @kevin2kelly @cdibona via STAT

White nationalists are flocking to genetic ancestry tests. Some don't like what they find

@kevin2kelly @davewiner via 4brad

Your eclipse guide (with the things not in many eclipse guides) | Brad Ideas

Space imaging
@mgsiegler @kevin2kelly via WIRED

How Baidu Will Win China’s AI Race—and, Maybe, the World’s | Backchannel

@ezraklein @kevin2kelly @ambermac via Wired

Biohackers Encoded Malware in a Strand of DNA

Science Cyber security
@markmilian @craigmod @mgsiegler @jackschofield @kevin2kelly @anildash via Bloomberg

How Two 20-Somethings From Ireland Built a $9.2 Billion Company

@willsmith @kevin2kelly via daringfireball

Apple’s Risky Balancing Act With the Next iPhone