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@alexia via Wired

Hey Startups, It’s Your Duty to Fight for Net Neutrality

@alexia via Quartz

Your art degree might save you from automation, an AI expert says

@davemorin @alexia via Medium

Rebecca Miller Joins Slow Ventures as Vice President of Brand & Community

People Funding
@mgsiegler @alexia via Forbes

Forbes Welcome

Seed fund
@alexia @davidhornik via Fortune

This New Startup Wants to Deliver Healthy Baby Food to Your Doorstep

@alexia @Jessicalessin via Axios

By the numbers: Men still run venture capital

Self driving cars US elections
@alexia @alexisohanian via Product Hunt

Elad Gil LIVE Chat on Product Hunt

@dannysullivan @alexia via Techmeme

House OKs resolution that lets ISPs sell customers' browsing history without user permission

@6Gems @alexia @ThisTechGirl via #FacesofFounders

I’m not “Black enough” for Inc. Magazine

@gaberivera @alexia via Techmeme

How Techmeme continues to set the agenda for influential tech readers, without chasing scale