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Uber CEO to Take Leave, Have Diminished Role After Scandals

Employment Taxis
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Apple Just Acquired This Little-Known Artificial Intelligence Startup

Intelligent machines
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Silicon Valley’s $400 Juicer May Be Feeling the Squeeze

Robotics Food & Beverage
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A note on our lawsuit against Otto and Uber – Waymo

Robotics Self driving cars Legal
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Exclusive: Investors Bet on Brandless as the Next Procter and Gamble for Millennials

Retail Funding
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Theranos Whistleblower Shook the Company—and His Family

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Why Women in Tech Might Consider Just Using Their Initials Online

Diversity People
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Lyft Is Said to Fail to Find a Buyer, Despite Talks With Several Companies

Taxis Earnings
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Marissa Mayer Isn't Going Anywhere

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Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer Stumbled After Secret Truce With Investor

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