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@pkafka @SusanWojcicki via Official YouTube Blog

Five observations from my time at YouTube

@pkafka via Re/code

These texts show Uber’s Kalanick and Otto’s Levandowski plotting a press blitz

@pkafka via Re/code

Recode Daily: Uber goes to war with itself; trolls go to war with Google

@pkafka via Re/code

SoundCloud plans to replace its CEO as part of a new funding deal

Strategy Funding
@pkafka via Re/code

Patreon will help fans pay their favorite artists more than $140 million this year

@pkafka via Re/code

Disney wants to make a huge shift in its business model — but it’s not ready to do it yet

Technology Video streaming
@pkafka @fromedome via Re/code

Disney is trying to outrun disruption by dumping Netflix and launching its own streaming service

Video streaming
@pkafka via Re/code , TechCrunch , CNN Tech , +3

Instagram wants you to know people spend more time with Instagram than Snapchat

Schedule Photos
@fromedome @pkafka via Re/code

Apple’s iPad just had its first growth quarter in more than three years

@film_girl @karaswisher @edyson @pkafka via Re/code , Business Insider , Business Insider

After Meg Whitman’s exit, Uber’s CEO search is down to only male candidates — as its board struggles and Travis Kalanick meddles