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Apple is buying Shazam at a big discount

@karaswisher @pkafka via Re/code , Bloomberg Business , TechCrunch , +1

The Koch brothers are about to own a piece of Time Inc. Why?

@backlon @pkafka via WSJ , Business Insider , TechCrunch , +1

Mashable Agrees to Sell to Ziff Davis for Around $50 Million

@pkafka via WSJD

Google Has Picked an Answer for You—Too Bad It’s Often Wrong

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Don't Tax Options And RSUs Upon Vesting!

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@pkafka via Re/code

Vanity Fair’s next editor may be the New York Times’ Radhika Jones

@pkafka via Re/code

Musical.ly, the lip-syncing video app, is going to sell for at least $800 million

@pkafka via Re/code

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel is redesigning Snapchat because it’s too hard to use

@pkafka via Re/code

The big media moguls are selling out. Who wants to replace them?

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@AntDeRosa @ellenhuet @pkafka via Bloomberg

WeWork Is Launching a Grade School for Budding Entrepreneurs

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