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Farhad Manjoo

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Amazon just turned a profit for the eighth straight quarter

Earnings Retail
@ruhanirabin @reckless @fmanjoo via The Verge

Smartphone camera shootout: Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7, Google Pixel, and LG G6

@fmanjoo @davemcclure via The New York Times

Justices Alarmed by Government’s Hard-Line Stance in Citizenship Case

@film_girl @pkafka @fmanjoo @sarahcuda via Medium

My Comments on the Unroll.Me // Uber Situation – Perri Chase

@Spacekatgal @fmanjoo @dsilverman @ruskin147 @harrymccracken @jayrosen_nyu @karaswisher @AntDeRosa via nytimes

Uber’s C.E.O. Plays With Fire

@fmanjoo via The Verge

Uber employees spray-painted a wall with the word "Undelete"

@fmanjoo @AntDeRosa @andrewchen @mgsiegler via Wait But Why

Neuralink and the Brain's Magical Future

@fmanjoo @leolaporte via Bloomberg.com

Apple Readies iPhone Overhaul for Smartphone’s 10th Anniversary

Mobile devices
@fmanjoo via The Verge

Scientists discover massive sulfur-eating hell-clams in the Philippines

Animals Science
@reckless @fmanjoo @davemcclure @davemorin @btaylor via The New York Times

Steve Ballmer Serves Up a Fascinating Data Trove