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Farhad Manjoo

Farhad Manjoo

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Silicon Valley Women Tell of VC’s Unwanted Advances

Funding Diversity
@dannysullivan @fmanjoo via New York Times Bits

A Cyberattack ‘the World Isn’t Ready For’

@AntDeRosa @fmanjoo @harrymccracken via AP News

Wall Street Journal fires correspondent over ethics conflict

Foreign affairs Strategy
@fmanjoo @joshuatopolsky via WSJ

Media Startups Try a Lower-Cost Model: Unpaid Student Writers

@ezraklein @fmanjoo @davewiner via Vox

After Jon Ossoff’s loss, Democrats might want to consider developing a substantive agenda

US elections
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Amazon's New Customer

Retail Technology
@AntDeRosa @fmanjoo via The New York Times

Using Texts as Lures, Government Spyware Targets Mexican Journalists and Their Families

@fmanjoo @karaswisher via POLITICO Magazine

Megyn Kelly Pantses Alex Jones

US elections
@fromedome @fmanjoo via Re/code

Here’s what Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods means for Instacart

@markmilian @ellenhuet @fmanjoo @davewiner via Bloomberg.com

Instacart Tries to Hang On to Whole Foods as Amazon Swoops In

Retail Funding