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What Happened to Google's Effort to Scan Millions of University Library Books? News

Culture, Art, Books
@timoreilly via WSJD

The End of Typing: The Next Billion Mobile Users Will Rely on Video and Voice

@johnbattelle @timoreilly via NewCo Shift

Memo to Tech’s Titans: Please Remember What It Was Like to Be Small

@timoreilly via TNW

Google's DeepMind made an AI that can imagine the future

Robotics Intelligent machines
@ev @johnbattelle @acedtect @timoreilly via NewCo Shift

Write for 7,500 hours, Then Hit Post

Culture, Art, Books
@timoreilly via Business Insider

7 potential bidders, a call to Amazon, and an ultimatum: How the Whole Foods deal went down

@jayrosen_nyu @davewiner @timoreilly via Pressthink

Why the White House daily briefing is in such trouble.

US elections
@timoreilly via Bloomberg

The Tiny Satellites Ushering in the New Space Revolution

Robotics Space
@timoreilly @avantgame via The New York Times

The Real Threat of Artificial Intelligence

Robotics Technology Intelligent machines
@timoreilly @yvesbehar via Re/code

The U.S. ranks 28th in the world in mobile internet speeds

ISPs Mobile providers