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Can Oath, the Arranged Media Marriage of Yahoo and AOL, Avoid a Rough Divorce?

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Hear the Essential Phone review on this week’s Vergecast

@reckless @backlon via The Verge

Essential Phone review: a beautiful work in progress

Mobile devices
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Microsoft forced to Photoshop penis out of Bing homepage

@reckless @waltmossberg @karaswisher @backlon via The Verge

Science doesn’t explain tech’s diversity problem — history does

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Meet the streamers using Twitch to pay for college

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Three days at the Microsoft Office World Championship

@reckless @Spacekatgal @ThisTechGirl @ruhanirabin via The Verge , The Guardian

Google town hall meeting canceled after days of online harassment

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As net neutrality dies, one man wants to make Verizon pay for its sins

Legal ISPs
@harrymccracken @reckless @jayrosen_nyu @johnbattelle via Re/code , Bloomberg , Wired , +6

Google has fired the employee who penned a controversial memo on women and tech

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