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@davewiner @erichippeau @harrymccracken via Bloomberg

Mark Zuckerberg’s Fake News Problem Isn’t Going Away

US elections
@davewiner via Quartz

With one incredibly mundane sentence, the Fed unwinds its monumental $4.5-trillion stimulus plan

Stock markets
@davewiner @karaswisher via POLITICO

Price’s private-jet travel breaks precedent

Privacy Flying
@davewiner @om via Axios

What Facebook is thinking

US elections Foreign affairs
@gaberivera @davewiner via New York Times Bits

Facebook Navigates an Internet Fractured by Governmental Controls

@davewiner via Ars Technica

Comcast said he used too much data—so he opted to live without home Internet

ISPs Mobile providers
@davewiner via Quartz

True conservatives would let Dreamers stay in the US—to avoid wasting billions of taxpayer dollars

US elections Education
@davewiner @saschasegan @AntDeRosa @jayrosen_nyu @nickbilton @johnbattelle @lyzidiamond @ceciliakang via ProPublica

Facebook Enabled Advertisers to Reach ‘Jew Haters’

@AntDeRosa @davewiner via Bloomberg

Mueller Probe Has ‘Red-Hot’ Focus on Social Media, Officials Say

@davewiner via Quartz

If you value your privacy, be careful with online translation tools

Language Data leaks