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Jacqui Cheng

Jacqui Cheng

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@ejacqui @ezraklein via Eater NY

Mario Batali Steps Away From Restaurant Empire Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Food & Beverage
@karaswisher @ejacqui via Re/code , TechCrunch

Ziff Davis has bought Mashable at a fire sale price and plans to lay off 50 people

@Scobleizer @ejacqui @karaswisher @Werner @jbruin via Scobleizer

No, of that I’m innocent.

@ejacqui via Re/code

What phone should I buy if I’m on a budget?

@ejacqui @edyson via Medium

Robert Scoble and Me – Quinn Norton

@ejacqui @DanFrakes via The Wirecutter

Wirecutter, but for Everything

People Publishing
@ejacqui via New York Times Bits

How to Protect Your Information Online

Cyber security Data leaks
@davewiner @ejacqui @baratunde @erickschonfeld via POLITICO Magazine

A Requiem for Florida, the Paradise That Should Never Have Been

@ejacqui via New York Times Bits

Wirecutter Editor Shares the Tech That Can Improve Your Life

@Tyrangiel @ejacqui via VICE News

Arizona GOP uses Margaret Cho sitcom pic to represent Asian Americans

US elections