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M.G. Siegler

M.G. Siegler

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Facebook Can’t Be Fixed.

@jayrosen_nyu @tristanwalker @mgsiegler via The Atlantic

It's Been an Open Secret All Along

US elections
@mgsiegler via Business Insider

Leaked Mashable documents show how bleak things were before Ziff Davis came to the rescue

Earnings Strategy
@mgsiegler via New York Times Bits

From the Arctic’s Melting Ice, an Unexpected Digital Hub

@davewiner @jayrosen_nyu @timbray @mgsiegler @anildash @DanFrakes via Talking Points Memo

There's a Digital Media Crash. But No One Will Say It

@ruhanirabin @mgsiegler via The Verge

Amazon wants to turn Lord of the Rings into the next Game of Thrones

Robotics Film
@jsnell @saschasegan @dannysullivan @BenedictEvans @mgsiegler via WIRED

The First First Impression of the iPhone X | Backchannel

@mgsiegler @fmanjoo via The New York Times

Months of N.B.A. Sound and Fury, Signifying No Threat to the Warriors

@mgsiegler @anildash via The Hive

The 2017 New Establishment List

@mgsiegler @leolaporte @johnbattelle @ariannahuff via The New York Times

Apple’s Tim Cook Barnstorms for ‘Moral Responsibility’