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Public Service Announcement: You Should Not Force Quit Apps on iOS

@harrymccracken via Re/code

Uber CEO Search: Sandberg? No. Wojcicki? No. Mulally? No. Staggs? No. Arianna? No. (And Mayer? No way.)

@DanFrakes @harrymccracken via The Atlantic

Jeff Sessions Treads on the Property Rights of Americans

US elections
@ruhanirabin @harrymccracken via Fast Company

How Coca-Cola’s Doomed “OK Soda” Can Lead To Your Next Great Ad Idea

Food & Beverage
@harrymccracken @leolaporte via Fast Company

How Facebook Used Science And Empathy To Reach Two Billion Users

@AntDeRosa @fmanjoo @harrymccracken via AP News

Wall Street Journal fires correspondent over ethics conflict

Foreign affairs Strategy
@harrymccracken @furrier via Re/code

These key candidates could replace Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

@ellenhuet @harrymccracken @film_girl @johnbattelle @ceciliakang @leolaporte via The New York Times

Uber Founder Travis Kalanick Resigns as C.E.O.

Taxis Strategy Funding
@harrymccracken @ruhanirabin via Fast Company

This Finnish Startup Says It’s Building Tomorrow’s VR Displays Today

Virtual Reality Cameras
@harrymccracken via VentureBeat , CNET , CNET , +2

Atari CEO confirms the company is working on a new game console