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@harrymccracken via GeekWire

Amazon narrows HQ2 search to 20 cities, moving to next phase in contest for $5B economic prize

@harrymccracken @jkhoey via Co.Design

This Is What A Designer-Led Social Network Looks Like

@harrymccracken via Bloomberg , The Verge

Google Plans to Vet YouTube Premium Video Content

@harrymccracken via VentureBeat

Apptopia: ARKit use by iOS app developers is modest and slowing

Apps Earnings
@ruhanirabin @harrymccracken via The Verge

'Steve Jobs' is an Italian company — and Apple can't do anything about it

@migueldeicaza @harrymccracken @davewiner via Bloomberg Business , TechCrunch , The Verge , +4

Apple Plans Combined iPhone, iPad & Mac Apps to Create One User Experience

@harrymccracken @GuyKawasaki via Fast Company

The 25 Best New Apps Of 2017

Productivity Apps
@harrymccracken via VentureBeat

BlackBerry will kill its app store at the end of 2019, support BB10 for 'at least two' more years

Mobile devices
@harrymccracken @leolaporte @patricknorton via CNET

Amazon to start selling Apple TV and Google Chromecast

@davewiner @harrymccracken via The New York Times

The Race to Erase Kevin Spacey

Film Television