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Pricing Explanation

Note: All prices described below are in USD.


Automate has a staged-pricing model. Here’s the tl;dr:

The breakdown

The base price for Automate is $25.00 per month – which gives access to the basic features you need to get the most out of your data access:

The base price allows you to ‘track’ up to 1,000 non-unique companies. This limit is calculated as the cumulative count of all the companies in your Lists (this includes saved searches). A total count of companies can be found on your dashboard.

Moreover, this lets you add as many team members to your Automate account as you want.

When exceeding your company limit, $9.00 is charged on top of the base price for every 1,000 companies exceeding the original 1,000.

Note that you will not be charged the full $9.00 until your next billing cycle. When exceeding your company limit in the current billing cycle, you will only be charged a portion of the $9.00 – based on the amount of days of the billing cycle in which your account was in excess of your current threshold.

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