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Pokémon Go

Did you guys know our lead dev is a level 27 trainer? #teammystic


It’s time to revisit Pokémon Go

Business Insider

Here is every single Pokémon currently in Pokémon Go

Wired UK , Business Insider

Special items, berries and the full list of new Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Gaming Animals

The new Pokémon just went live in Pokémon GO and the servers are melting again


GamesBeat weekly roundup: Hearthstone’s big changes, and Pokémon Go gets more monsters

TNW , Wired UK , Business Insider

Pokémon Go gets massive update this week with new features and 80+ new Pokémon

Gaming New Announcements
The Verge

Pokémon Go is getting 80 new pokémon this week

VentureBeat , TechCrunch , Business Insider , +1

Pokémon Go gets 80 Gen 2 monsters from Gold and Silver in massive update

Business Insider

Here are the Pokémon and items to save in 'Pokémon Go' now that 80 new creatures have been released


With Spring on Horizon, Niantic Reveals Largest Update to Pokémon Go Since Summer Launch

Business Insider

The 3 most requested features in 'Pokémon Go' are coming 'soon,' Niantic confirms

Wired UK

Pokémon Go's Valentine's Day event doubles your Candy and makes Lures last six hours

Gaming Schedule Animals

Pokémon Go's Valentines Day promotion will make it easier to get that Gyarados

The Guardian

Pokémon Go launches Valentine's event hoping to lure loving players


Pokémon GO’s Valentine’s Event brings SIX HOUR lures and makes a few super rare Pokémon show up more


Pokémon Go gets Valentine’s Day event with a higher chance to attract pink pocket monsters

Business Insider

Pok√©mon Go is having a big Valentine's Day event ‚ÄĒ here's everything that's happening

The Verge

Pokémon Go-style AR games will need permits if they want to include Milwaukee parks


Pokémon Go developer Niantic will now need a permit to use Milwaukee county parks in its game

City life Legal Gaming

7 things 'Pokémon Go' badly needs in 2017