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Wired UK

WIRED Awake June 28: Airbus and OneWeb are bringing satellite broadband to the entire planet


No, NASA isn’t about to announce it found aliens


Inside Ball and Buck's New 'Active' Line of Performance Apparel

Virtual Reality Tech News

NASA testing VR wrist bands

The Verge

SpaceX is even landing rockets in augmented reality

GeekWire , The Verge

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin picks Huntsville, Alabama, as its ‘rocket city’ for BE-4 engine

Ars Technica , Business Insider

After nine launches in 2017, it’s tough to be an honest critic of SpaceX

Bloomberg , Business Insider

SpaceX Launches 10 Satellites From California Air Base

Ars Technica , TechCrunch , TechCrunch , +2

SpaceX successfully launches its second rocket in three days [Updated]


Watch SpaceX Launch Its Second Rocket in 48 Hours

CNN Tech

SpaceX nails two rocket launches in one weekend


Watch live as SpaceX launches its second rocket in 48 hours

The Verge , TechCrunch , Re/code , +1

SpaceX successfully launches and lands a used rocket for the second time

@ruhanirabin via The Verge

FCC grants OneWeb approval to launch over 700 satellites for ‘space internet’

ISPs Space

Watch SpaceX Fire Off Its Second Flight-Proven Falcon 9

The Verge , Ars Technica , TechCrunch , +3

Watch SpaceX launch and land a recycled Falcon 9 rocket this afternoon


The AeroMobil flying car from all angles


Airbus unveils new aircraft and a floating black box

Flying Driving
Ars Technica

House lawmakers endorse reusable rockets for military purposes


To get more drones in U.S. skies, the industry is asking Trump for something rare: More regulation

@reckless via The Verge

Jay Z-backed JetSmarter hit with lawsuit as employees allege unpaid wages

Ars Technica

Air Force clears F-35 to fly again—with caveats—after hypoxia scares

Flying Warfare
Silicon Beat

Amazon reveals plan for huge, city-center drone-delivery towers

City life Flying

Why the world’s favorite airline wants a piece of the one in 74th place

Flying Foreign affairs
3D Printing Industry

GKN Aerospace flies 3D printed optical ice detector probe

Robotics Materials Flying

Verifone and SITA team up to streamline airport passenger payments


Time to move to the moon, says Stephen Hawking


SureFly personal helicopter takes a tip from drone design

Robotics Flying Driving

For its next trick, SpaceX will launch two rockets in 48 hours from opposite sides of the US

The Verge

Watch a KFC sandwich fly to the edge of space

Wired UK

Flying the F-35B Lightning II: Pilots take to the skies with the UK's newest jet

Warfare Flying
Wired UK

Get up close and personal with the F-35B Lightning II and its RAF pilots


Take a stroll through Bombardier's stretched CS300 jet


The HondaJet is sleek, small and adorable

Driving Flying
Business Insider

Here's some of the hardware on display at this year's Paris Air Show


Flights Cancelled In Phoenix Because Of Extreme Heat (+118° Fahrenheit)

@ruhanirabin via The Verge

DJI drones can get past no-fly zones thanks to this Russian software company

Wired UK

Curiosity Rover is now running science experiments without human help

Robotics Space Science Space imaging

EViation Aims To Propel Electric Aviation Forward


Stephen Hawking says Earth is doomed; It's time to move on

Robotics Space Physics

The first deployable 'soft' robot has just been developed, and it's perfect for space missions (Lexus)

Robotics Materials Space
The Verge

NASA's Mars rover is really good at laser-blasting rocks without human input

Wired UK

Memories of the Moon landings are at risk of dying with the last remaining Apollo astronauts


Delaware is finding new ways to make UAVs actually useful Delaware

Observer Innovation

Stephen Hawking Says Humans Have No Long Term Future on Earth

Ars Technica

Key US general embraces new space ethos of “go fast, test, and fail”

Space Technology

Check out the amazing flying skills of the Airbus A350-1000

Flying Driving

Vienna Life Ball goes cashless thanks to SIX Payment Services