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Google makes dataset of 50 million drawings available on its cloud

SiliconANGLE Media

Google open-sources API for its Quick, Draw! machine learning doodle tool - SiliconANGLE

The Practical Dev

Why Facebook's api starts with a for loop


BlockMarkets.io launches cryptocurrency market data feed API

Marketing Tech

Customer comms giant Twilio to acquire SendGrid for $2bn


TransferWise opens API access for businesses to integrate money-transfer services into their own apps

Nieman Lab

Here's a simple way to figure out which of your readers are most likely to subscribe

Tech in Asia

India’s PM launches fintech API exchange in Singapore


Dream Payments expands Mastercard partnership, launches payments API for insurers

Marketing Tech

The $70bn WhatsApp business story nobody's talking about

Ars Technica

Raytracing explained: Nvidia, Microsoft lead the way in revolutionizing gaming graphics

IoT For All

IoT Is Eating the World: APIs and REST

Zimperium Mobile Security Blog

CVE-2018-9539: Use-after-free vulnerability in privileged Android service


I found a security hole in Steam that gave me every game's license keys and all I got was this... oh nice: $20,000


Google updates Cloud Video API with speech transcription and announces second-generation TPU pod pricing


Android users now face forced app updates, thanks to Google's new dev tools

Mobile devices Software development Apps

Virtusa launches API Exchange for financial inclusion


Android Dev Summit: Google details Kotlin, Jetpack, and instant app improvements

Software development Apps
Android Police

In-app updates API will let Android apps update while you use them

The Verge

You can soon continue using an Android app while it’s being updated

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