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SendPulse for Slack


There’s now an Amazon Dash button for underwear


Deal: Samsung Gear VR (2nd-gen) on sale for just $50 on Amazon

Mobile devices

With Dialpad-Amazon Echo integration, Alexa can make phone calls for you

The Verge

HBO classics aren’t leaving Amazon Prime, despite confusing labels

Video streaming Television

AI report fed by DeepMind, Amazon, Uber urges greater access to public sector datasets


Deal: BeatsX wireless earphones on sale on Amazon for 20% off

TechCrunch , TNW , The Verge

Amazon launches ‘Subscribe with Amazon,’ a marketplace for digital subscriptions

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Amazon Forms Team to Focus on Driverless Technology

£8,600,000 Grant
Tech City News

Oxford's AI firm Oxbotica gets £8.6m to lead driverless car consortium

Self driving cars Technology

Interview with Vasco Pedro, CEO of the rising star of the Portuguese startup ecosystem - Unbabel

People Apps & Services
$10,300,000 Venture capital
SiliconANGLE Media

Stealth AI computer chip maker founded by ex-Google engineers raises $10.3M - SiliconANGLE

Business Insider

Amazon is quietly exploring ways to use self-driving cars to deliver packages


Give Your Products the Power of Speech Using Amazon Polly

Fintech Business

US robos move to ‘hybrid’ models


Artificial Intelligence has to deal with its transparency problems

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The Rise of Chatbots


What happens when the Trump administration ignores AI

US elections Technology Intelligent machines

A robot-delivery startup helped write state laws that are locking out competition

ArabNet عرب نت

Exciting Times to be a Part of the Tech Industry

@furrier via SiliconANGLE Media

Amazon blazes a trail to the next frontier in AI: the cloud - SiliconANGLE


14 AI startups will compete for $1.5 million from Nvidia


Using wearable technology to detect conflict in couples before it occurs

The Verge

Elon Musk's dreams of merging AI and brains are likely to remain just that — for at least a decade

$1,700,000 Seed fund

Element Data raises $1.7M to power platform that helps people make decisions using A.I.

@ruhanirabin via The Verge , VentureBeat

Mercedes-Benz is connecting the Amazon Echo and Google Home to all its new cars

TechCrunch , Bloomberg

Twitch opens up its money-making tools to tens of thousands of non-Partnered channels

Video streaming
The Guardian

Science fiction sheds light on robot debate | Letters


There's now a Roomba for your lawn, but it'll cost ya

Wired UK

AI is so rampant it's now impacting our sex lives. Here's how to stop it taking control


Eternime wants you to live forever as a digital ghost

Wired UK

When does a car become truly autonomous? Levels of self-driving technology explained

@LanceUlanoff via Mashable

Elon Musk's masterplan for humanity's future is beyond your wildest sci-fi dreams


Through Neuralink, this is what Elon Musk wants to do to your brain


In the future your money will be handled perfectly by the Semantic Bank


Photolemur automagically makes your pics look beautiful

CNN Tech

Elon Musk's new plan to save humanity from AI


AI Weekly: Facebook launches Messenger Platform 2.0 and open-sources Caffe2 deep learning framework


Are we going from "Artificial Intelligence" to "Augmented Intelligence?"

Business Insider

Elon Musk's new company wants to link human brains with computers in 4 years


Elon Musk Explains Plan to Merge Human Brains with Computers


Spider-Man bots land on Twitter and Facebook to sell you a comic book


The world's smartest vending machine will be used to sell weed, of course


IBM uses deep learning to better detect a leading cause of blindness


Synechron's Neo AI delivers artificial intelligence for the financial services industry

Robotics Intelligent machines Apps & Services
@fmanjoo @AntDeRosa @andrewchen @mgsiegler via Wait But Why

Neuralink and the Brain's Magical Future

@ruhanirabin via The Verge , Business Insider , TechCrunch

How Facebook is taking mind reading from sci-fi to reality


Planet enlists machine learning experts to parse a treasure trove of Amazon basin data

Space imaging Intelligent machines
IoT Evolution

Sensify Security Joins OpenFog Consortium