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Report: Popular autonomous vehicle data set contains critical flaws

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Roboflow: Popular autonomous vehicle data set contains critical flaws

MOTIV is a tiny, electric, autonomous vehicle with a race car heritage

Ars Technica

The auto industry’s unseen inventions—some are weirder than others

The Verge

We still can’t agree how to regulate self-driving cars


University of Waterloo holds grand opening of autonomous vehicle research facility


Show off your startup at TC Sessions: Mobility 2020

VentureBeat , TechCrunch , Forbes Tech

Aptiv’s self-driving cars have given Lyft passengers over 100,000 rides

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Machine Learning for Autonomous Vehicle Perception at Cruise


Internet of Things World and Connected & Autonomous Vehicles USA 2020


Nissan LEAF Goes On 230-Mile Fully Autonomous Drive

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Artificial intelligence assists in the study of autonomous vehicle performance in winter conditions

Insurance Edge

Driverless; New 230 Mile Record by Nissan Leaf


In California, Uber gets green light to again test self-driving cars

VentureBeat , TechCrunch , Forbes Tech , +1

Nuro’s R2 receives first autonomous vehicle exemption from the U.S. Department of Transportation


Self-driving the longest route yet

East Bay Times

Self-driving car to be part of East Bay city’s school auto classes

VentureBeat , TechCrunch , FutureShift , +2

Uber gets California DMV license to test self-driving cars on public roads


Nissan completes U.K.’s ‘most complex’ autonomous car trip, proving the value of a local approach

The Robot Report

Metawave demonstrates first 77GHz analog beamsteering radar for autonomous vehicles