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There is only a 1% chance of successfully routing a $67 payment on the lightning network • r/btc

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Britain Risks Beer Shortages This Summer

@TheStalwart via Bloomberg Business

In Caracas of All Places, a Construction Boom Suddenly Emerges

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Another reason not to drink beer in cans: the aluminum.

Materials Manufacturing
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The Greatest Martinis in the World

Food & Beverage
Bloomberg Business

Puff or Chug? Pot Craft Beer Is Coming to Nevada, California

Food & Beverage

Who cares about BPA? Canned beer is more popular than ever

Food & Beverage Science

Busch Reminds a Small-Town Family What Their Dad Really Wants for Father's Day

Family Film
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Jim Meehan’s Three Best Cocktails for a Summer Party

Food & Beverage
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Trump Tariffs Are a Buzzkill for U.S. Beer Giant

Food & Beverage

This Brewer Will Print World Cup Tweets Onto Beer Foam to Keep Fans Off Their Phones

Food & Beverage
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Carlsberg Plans Local Listing for Indian Operations

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San Francisco Chronicle

WeWork’s free beer to flow again, legal or not

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3 Questions to Ask When Determining if Using Blockchain Is Right for Your Brand

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BlockGrain and Mountain State Brewing to pilot “barley to beer” blockchain tracking

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How can you drink Champagne in zero-G? Winemaker builds a bottle to find out

Robotics Space Food & Beverage Materials
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Japan Beer Giant Wants Its Aging Customers to Eat Healthier

Asia Apps & Services
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Now Pot Growers Are Betting on Drinkable Weed

Food & Beverage Health

Sam Adams' Boston Beer Co. Sends $50 Million Media Account to Hearts & Science

Bloomberg Business

New England Is Now Influencing Old England to Make Hazy IPAs

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