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20 Dec 2019
Venture capital (Series C)

Ripple gets $200M in Series C funding to grow XRP ecosystem

31 Jul 2019
Venture capital (Series A)
Global Brain, Sony Financial Ventures, NKB Group

German cryptocurrency startup Bitwala raises €13 million in Series A funding
13 Jun 2019
Seed fund
Charlie Lee, Coin Ninja, Fulgur Ventures, +1
07 May 2019
Venture capital (Series B)
Xinruan Software, Jiaxing Jince Yunji Investment Partnership
06 May 2019
Seed fund
dtac Accelerate, SeaX Ventures, SeaX Ventures
29 Apr 2019
Venture capital
Consensus Lab, AlphaCoin Fund, Tachyon Capital
03 Apr 2019
Venture capital (Series C)
IDG Capital, Bitmain Technology

Cryptocurrency platform closes the first part of Series C funding, seal unicorn status

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