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TechCentral , TechXplore

Musk challenges Twitter CEO to a public debate

Reuters Tech News , Fortune Tech , The Verge , +4

Musk challenges Twitter CEO to public debate on bots


Twitter Fixed a Major Security Bug; the Bug affected millions of accounts

Reuters Tech News

Musk says Twitter deal should go ahead if it provides proof of real accounts

Guardian Tech , CNBC Tech

Musk accuses Twitter of deliberately miscounting spam users in countersuit

SiliconBeat , TechXplore

Elon Musk countersues Twitter, accusing company of fraud

The Verge

This is Elon Musk’s case alleging Twitter committed fraud

Fast Company

The crux of Elon Musk’s countersuit against Twitter


That message from ‘Twitter Support’ is almost certainly fake

The Verge , Ars Technica

The Twitter v. Elon trial pregame heats up

Sam Wakoba

Twitter Makes Its "Location Spotlight" Service Available To All Companies Worldwide : TechMoran


Musk accuses Twitter of fraud over the number of fake accounts in a legal filing

Reuters Tech News

Analysis: Banks are Twitter-deal escape hatch that Musk would struggle with


Retweets Ruined Twitter. Here's How to Get Rid of Them

Express Technology , TechCentral , Reuters Tech News , +1

Twitter rejects Musk’s claims that he was hoodwinked

Fortune Tech

Twitter misses on Q2 earnings, blames Elon Musk

Reuters Tech News

Mastercard, Visa suspend ties with ad arm of Pornhub owner MindGeek

The Verge

The best burns Twitter’s lawyers deployed to deny Elon Musk’s claims


Twitter might soon release a huge overhaul of Twitter Spaces

SiliconBeat , Ars Technica

Twitter subpoenas Musk’s allies as legal fight heats up