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The Verge

Google Drive will tell you who has access to your files

Messaging Cloud

Google Drive update makes file sharing easier


Interview With Uka Eje, the CEO and Founder of Thrive Agric

People Energy

Sex Workers Say Porn On Google Drive Is Suddenly Disappearing

Android Police

Google Drive is getting AI-powered organization for shared files

Android Police

Google Drive File Stream update adds bandwidth limit settings, sync pause, and more

Android Police

Files Go can now backup files to Google Drive

Android Police

Files Go can now back up files to Google Drive

TechCrunch , ZDNet , The Verge , +1

Google Drive now lets you easily comment on Microsoft Office files, PDFs and images


Samsung wants you to spend less time on your Galaxy Note 8, says this Thrive app can help

Apps Mobile devices
Product Hunt


Zo ga je in 6 simpele stappen van je Business Model Canvas naar een goed financieel plan


PagerDuty's CEO Jennifer Tejada on Selling Software and Demanding Diversity

Apps & Services Technology
t3n Magazin

Zukunft oder heiße Akku-Luft? Fisker will E-Autos in nur 1 Minute für 800 Kilometer laden

Business Insider

Google Docs and Drive went down for some people on Wednesday


Self-driving cars might get their own lane on Interstate 94

Robotics Self driving cars

Ford’s Canvas monthly car subscription car service expands to LA

Apps & Services Self driving cars
t3n Magazin

Canvas-Fingerprinting: Firefox 58 sagt „Supercookies“ den Kampf an

The Guardian

Thrive: the new showing off online is showing off that you’re not online


Google Drive werkt nu samen met de Bestanden-app