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Tech Times

Games Done Quick 2022 Holds First In-Person Event in Two Years, Raises $3.01 Million for Charity


State and Local Activism Needs You. Here's Where to Start

UKTN (UK Tech News)

Holly Health raises £1.4m and partners with Age UK to promote healthy ageing


Charity TikTok Videos Put an Uncomfortable Spin on Morality


This Ukrainian deeptech startup has trained an AI to paint war art

Reuters Tech News

Warren Buffett charity lunch fetches record winning bid of $19 million

Reuters Tech News

Bidding tops $13.1 million for Warren Buffett charity lunch

Reuters Tech News

Warren Buffett donates $4 billion to charity

The Block

NFT project Bored Ape Yacht Club has donated $850,000 to an orangutan charity


Less days, full pay: The 'world's biggest' four-day work week trial has just begun

BBC News Technology

Digital fingerprints of a million child abuse images made


Gotham Gives

Reuters Tech News

High UK inflation hastens 'real living wage' announcement


World Hunger Day: 5 charities with creative food insecurity solutions


Key European tech founders and investors launch OneUkraine charity to assist Ukraine

Business Plus

NCBI Launches Assistive App for Alexa and Google Devices

The Block

Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Ministry approves charity NFT project

Fast Company

The charity 1K is sending tech money directly to Ukraine families in need


WeAre8 launches crowdfunder for its social media app, where users are paid to watch ads

CBC Tech and Science

Why naturalists are encouraging homeowners to keep their lawns 'messy' this spring | CBC News