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Borqs Technologies (BRQS) Stock: Why It Increased 4.19% Today


Daily Crunch: Organization urges open source developers to dump GitHub following Copilot launch

Reuters Tech News

In Hong Kong, Xi says 'one country, two systems' is here to stay


Open source developers urged to ditch GitHub following Copilot launch

Sam Wakoba

Zoho launches Digital Enabler package to enable small businesses in Kenya digitally transform : TechMoran

The Block

Hong Kong's OSL becomes the latest crypto exchange to cut jobs


Stripe reveals carbon removal firms being paid through its Frontier fund

BI Tech

Fidelity slashes Stripe's valuation for a second straight month, marking down its stake by 35% so far this year


Roboflow expands open-source datasets for better computer vision AI models

Pulse 2.0

GitLab (GTLB) Stock: Why It Increased Over 6% Today


Amazon unveils CodeWhisperer, a code-writing AI like GitHub's Copilot

The Verge

Senator posts cryptocurrency bill on GitHub, chaos ensues


Duda website deal: Save $264 when you build your site

TechCrunch , GeekWire , ZDNet , +1

Amazon launches CodeWhisperer, a GitHub Copilot-like AI pair programming tool


GitHub’s AI assistant Copilot is now available to all developers


CloudQuery raises $15M to demystify your cloud infrastructure setup

The Verge , TechCrunch , ZDNet , +1

GitHub’s AI-powered Copilot will help you write code for $10 a month


LogRocket nabs $25M for ‘intelligent’ app analytics

TechCrunch , SiliconANGLE secures $140M for web app development tools


Snowflake Summit 2022: All about apps and monetizing data