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@furrier via SiliconANGLE Media

Get ready for application modernization, Docker style - SiliconANGLE

SiliconANGLE Media

Docker and Cisco team up for turnkey cloud solutions - SiliconANGLE

SiliconANGLE Media

Docker containers gain steam in enterprise as complexity issues are addressed - SiliconANGLE

SiliconANGLE Media

What can't you put in a container? Analysts review Docker's newest products - SiliconANGLE

SiliconANGLE Media

Can Docker's storage, network coups help it conquer the enterprise? - SiliconANGLE

SiliconANGLE Media

Docker's Modernize Traditional Apps program containerizes legacy applications - SiliconANGLE

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Open collaboration heart and soul of Docker - SiliconANGLE

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Docker launches new program to help firms containerize legacy workloads - SiliconANGLE


With the early adopters in its court, Docker sets its sights on the rest of the world

SiliconANGLE Media

Oracle drops its flagship database into the Docker Store - SiliconANGLE

ZDNet , TechCrunch

New Docker turnkey program helps enterprises modernize legacy apps

@furrier via SiliconANGLE Media

Docker at turning point in its evolution, say analysts - SiliconANGLE

SiliconANGLE Media

Rewriting the bottom line: Docker EE and the open-source profit question - SiliconANGLE


Docker LinuxKit: Secure Linux containers for Windows, macOS, and clouds


Docker’s new Moby open-source project is the ‘Lego Club of container systems’

PE Hub

VC-backed Chain appoints Jessop as president


Distelli aims to improve multi-cloud software development with new open-source container registry


Mobile ad company Appodeal acquires game platform Corona Labs

Software development Apps & Services
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Docker open-sources its container core to the Cloud Native Computing Federation - SiliconANGLE

$92,000,000 Venture capital (Series C)
TechCrunch , VentureBeat , PE Hub , +2

Roblox nabs $92 million to power its massive social gaming platform for kids