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Nintendo Takes Big Gamble With Switch’s Split Personality

The Guardian , Ars Technica

Nintendo Switch: hands-on with the world's strangest games console


Crunch Report | Nintendo Switch Hits the Market on March 3

Business Insider

A visual history of Nintendo's video game consoles


505 Games unveils original Steam game Quarantine


What to watch in esports: $100,000 'Overwatch' tournament charges onward

Schedule Gaming

Nintendo talks Switch launch titles, price point and lessons learned from the Wii U

HuffPost Tech

The Nintendo Switch's Mobility Is Sweet, But Its Lineup Has Us Worried


The joys and cons of the crazy Nintendo Switch controllers (hands-on)


Nintendo's Boss Promises the Switch Won't Have the NES Classic's Supply Issues


Hands On: Nintendo's New Switch Console Is Fantastic—But Short on Games

The Verge

A closer look at the Nintendo Switch

Gaming Portable Productivity

How Facebook’s Instant Games went from one Seattle engineer’s side project to reality in 6 months

People Gaming

Why Nintendo Switch games come on tiny little cards


Hands-on with the Nintendo Switch

The Verge

Bowser is a bad guy, but a very good dad

Gaming Family

I loved playing with the Switch, but Nintendo needs to get its act together

Ars Technica

Your screen time is in another castle: Nintendo’s remote parent-control app

The Verge

Nintendo’s motion-controlled Arms is a fun but frustrating fighting game

Warfare Gaming Materials

Nintendo switches on Switch pre-orders

Gaming Announcements
The Verge

Watch Nintendo demo Switch games live

The Guardian

Why I am confident enough to pre-order a Nintendo Switch

The Verge

Tour Obama's White House one last time in VR

Wired UK

How to pre-order the Nintendo Switch in the UK

Gaming Retail Announcements
The Verge

Watch trailers for 11 Nintendo Switch games, including Mario and Zelda

The Verge

The Nintendo Switch launch games lineup is disappointing and needlessly confusing

Gaming Announcements
@backlon via The Verge

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is Nintendo’s Skyrim

@reckless via The Verge

Win a limited edition Verge CES 2017 T-shirt!


Here are the first 11 Nintendo Switch game trailers

The Verge

1-2-Switch is Nintendo’s weirdest party game yet


We’re probably going to pre-order the Nintendo Switch so let’s just accept it

@ruhanirabin via The Verge

Nintendo’s Switch already gets right what the Wii U got wrong

Gaming Portable
ArabNet عرب نت

An Autonomous Art Making Bot from Lebanon Joins the Scene

@ruhanirabin via The Verge

Microsoft's new Windows 10 Game Mode will maximize gaming performance

Gaming Announcements
Wired UK

Nintendo's ÂŁ280 Switch is a multiplayer hybrid - and it's region free!

The Guardian

The most anticipated Nintendo Switch games


Nintendo May Not Know How the Game Is Played