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BlackBerry CEO believes it will be a decade before self-driving car prevalence

Self driving cars
@arampell @andrewchen via TXN Blog

The Attack of the Scooters

The Verge

Supreme Court rules that states can collect internet sales tax on online retail purchases

Legal Privacy
Bloomberg Business

Supreme Court Ruling Means States Can Tax Amazon Marketplace

Retail Privacy Legal
Bloomberg Business

States Can Require Internet Tax Collection, Supreme Court Rules


Air-gapping the planet: How to travel safely in digitally scary places

Cyber security

Commentary: How to ‘fix’ social media without censorship

@davewiner @joerogan @GuyKawasaki via Vox

Canada just legalized marijuana. That has big implications for US drug policy.

Health Privacy
Bloomberg Business

How to End the Greek Debt Ordeal

Stock markets
Bloomberg Business

Why Three Rescues Didn't Solve Greece’s Debt Problem

Stock markets Global

The paranoid's guide to traveling to digitally scary places like Russia or China

Cyber security
Bloomberg Business

The Climate Litigation Threat Is Getting Credible

Legal Energy

Won't get fooled again: Gig economy second wave begins to break


Hackers now have international coalitions; we need the same to fight back

Privacy Cyber security

Banks and Cryptocurrencies Global Evaluation: The Middle East

Foreign affairs Payments Privacy

Jim Chanos Is Out of His Depth Trashing Crypto Assets

Stock markets
Bloomberg Business

The Trump Brief: A President's Probes, Prosecutions and Lawsuits

US elections Legal
@AAinslie @azeem @cape @pascalbouvier via Ian Hogarth

AI Nationalism

Technology Intelligent machines
@TimDraper @theonevortex @danheld via TheStreet

Billionaire investor Tim Draper explains why Bitcoin will hit $250,000 in 2022

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Connected Street Lighting: A Strong Foundation for a Smart City

City life Smart devices