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iPipeline Acquires Bluesun

Fast Company

Landmark bill would ban cosmetics with toxic ingredients

MedCity News

How Blue Shield of California helped cut its members' opioid use by more than half


Air pollution in Europe is reducing the average lifespan by 2 years

The Economist

Is insectageddon imminent?

Fast Company

“Prescribing” fruits and veggies would save $100 billion in medical costs


It's Time As Academics We Realize That Some Studies Should Not Be Written

The Guardian

Climate change could make insurance too expensive for most people – report

ROKiT officially launches phone lineup, a plethora of branded services

PE Hub

Sherlock Biosciences launches with $35 mln capital


H|T: The Healthtech Times – The AWS for pharmacies


E-Cigarettes And Vapes Are Not Drugs To Be Regulated: Delhi HC

PE Hub

Ease raises $19 mln

New York Times Bits

Why Should Americans Be Grateful for $138 Insulin? Germans Get It for $55


Theranos screwed up legit blood test innovations for everybody

Fast Company

Performance-based-pay linked to mental health issues, study finds

Top 12 pesticide-contaminated fruits and vegetables

Ars Technica

Anti-vax parents sue to keep unvaccinated kids in school during outbreak


A91 Partners Invests $1.45 Mn In Beverage Maker Paper Boat

PE Hub

Lumelleau joins Orchid Underwriters as chairman